John Grisham

6 John Grisham Read-Alikes You Won’t Want to Miss

John Grisham is undoubtedly one of the most popular authors in the legal thriller novel genre. He has produced a record  37 consecutive number-one fiction bestsellers. His works have been translated into numerous languages and adapted for big screen.

Grisham’s novels are known for their captivating characters who passionately pursue justice, often in the courtroom. The stories are packed with suspense and surprising turns, making them difficult to put down.

If You Like John Grisham, You’ll Love These 6 Books

Here are the page-turning thrillers you should add to your bucket:

1. The No. 1 Lawyer by James Patterson

The No. 1 Lawyer is a thrilling legal novel by James Patterson, a bestselling author known for creating unforgettable characters. This book introduces Jack Thompson, a young and ambitious lawyer. He gets caught up in a challenging case that could define his career. As he navigates moral dilemmas and unexpected revelations, Jack discovers the true cost of victory. 

2. The Blue Bar: A Blue Mumbai Thriller by Damyanti Biswas

Set in the bustling city of Mumbai, The Blue Bar by Damyanti Biswas is a gripping crime novel. The story follows a determined police officer investigating a series of mysterious disappearances. Delving into the dark underbelly of the city, the book explores themes of love, corruption, and justice. 

3. The Final Twist by Jeffery Deaver

This is a thrilling and mysterious novel that will keep readers guessing until the very end. It is the third book in the Colter Shaw series, featuring a unique antihero. The story follows Colter Shaw as he tries to uncover the truth behind his father’s disappearance, leading him to confront a powerful and dangerous corporation. With twists, action, and misdirection, The Final Twist is a satisfying addition to the series, leaving readers eager for more of Colter Shaw’s adventures.

4. Magpie by Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day’s novel, Magpie, is an extremely fascinating and evoking novel that will make the reader feel the whole spectrum of feelings. Strongly relates to relationships, jealousy, and the desire for possession. Marisa is the protagonist of the story whose life changes radically when a new boarder, Kate, moves in to rent a room. It also has strong insights into the aspects of motherhood and infertility, which enhances the story that is otherwise filled with mystery.

5. Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow

Scott Turow‘s acclaimed debut novel introduces readers to Rusty Sabicch, the chief deputy prosecutor in a major Midwestern city. With the re-election campaign of his boss just weeks away, a fellow member of the prosecutor’s office is found murdered, and Rusty is assigned to lead the investigation. However, in a shocking turn of events, Rusty’s boss loses the election, and Rusty himself becomes the prime suspect in the murder case. 

The novel has also been adapted into a 1990 American legal thriller film, Presumed Innocent. Directed by Alan J. Pakula, the film stars Harrison Ford

6. Everywhere That Mary Went by Lisa Scottoline 

Scottoline’s popular 1993 novel is set in the high-stakes world of Philadelphia law. Mary DiNunzio is laser-focused on making partners at her firm. Crank phone calls are the last thing on her mind until their menacing pattern can’t be ignored. An unnerving feeling of being watched intensifies, and Mary’s life is suddenly in danger. Now, the fight isn’t for a partnership, but for survival. 

Final Note

So, there you have it, folks! If you’re a die-hard Grisham fan, these similar books are sure to get you hooked and keep you turning those pages.