Case Study #1

Healthcare Space

We helped a Chain of Audiology and Hearing Care Clinics kickstart and scale their digital lead generation efforts with 4x ROAS and 176% increase organic traffic

About the Client

A leading chain of Audiology and Hearing Care Clinics operating in 14 diverse locations across 5 states in India, with a offline-first approach.

What they wanted

They faced several constraints with digital marketing efforts:

  • limited marketing budgets
  • highly competitive industry with deep-pocketed rivals
  • getting a consistent flow of high-intent leads
  • establishing a strong online presence across all locations


Digital lead generation emerged as a primary lead acquisition channel with 4x ROAS, a 176% increase in organic traffic and optimised digital presence.



Case Study #2

Restaurant Technology Space

We helped a key player in the restaurant technology space scale their organic traffic to 1.3 million organic sessions and grow their organic leads by 153% in 1 year

About the Client

A leading cloud-based Point of Sale solutions provider in the Restaurant Technology space with a global presence of more than 9000 customers in over 100 cities and 30 countries.

What they wanted


  • Their key challenge was to build engaging content consistently to rank higher and get more leads.
  • They wanted a robust and SEO-aligned content strategy to reach their target market and boost their organic traffic


Through our 360-degree content marketing strategy, we were able to increase their year-on-year organic traffic to over 1.3 million unique users – an 87% increase.

Springzo helps increase traffic in first year for restaurant business

  • Clearly defined SEO strategy that allows them to ship over 30 articles a month with a team of just 2 content writers.
  • Visibility of the keyword ranking across their marketing funnels.
  • Lead magnets to attract leads and grow their email list.
  • Maintain consistent organic traffic growth month-on-month.
  • 87% increase in organic traffic and 153% Increase in organic leads in a year.

organic traffic restaurant business

Organic traffic of 1.3 million unique users & organic leads grew from 1743 per year to 4410 per year. That’s a 153% ↑ increase.

Case Study #3

Fintech Industry

We helped a fintech firm build a long-term, SEO aligned content strategy that scaled their organic traffic from 3k to 54k unique users in 1 year.

About the Client

A fast-growing lending and credit assessment software company, providing lending lifecycle management software and decision support systems to Banks, NBFCs, and Fintechs.

What they wanted


  • Kickstarting their content marketing.
  • They wanted a customised, SEO-aligned content strategy that would help them educate their potential customers about the use-cases of their product while also getting consistent month-on-month organic traffic.


Our customized content marketing strategy helped them achieve organic traffic growth from 3k unique users a year to 54k+ unique users – a whopping 1464% increase within a year.

Springzo helped a fintech accelarate organic traffic

  • A customized SEO strategy that covered the Middle and Bottom of the Funnel keywords.
  • A long-term Top of the Funnel keyword strategy.
  • Solid content strategy to push the product use cases, while addressing the common concerns of their targeted segment.

Springzo helps improve organic traffic for fintech

Organic traffic increased by 1464% within a year.

Case Study #4


We helped a SaaS brand in the iPaaS domain kickstart their content marketing and organic lead-gen strategy by assisting them to rank for high-intent keywords in 3 months

About the Client

A fast-growing SaaS brand providing embedded iPaaS solutions that enables businesses and other app developers to create the product integrations their customers want without writing any extra code (a cost-effective white-labeled alternative to Zapier).

What they wanted


  • To kickstart their content marketing with someone who could also manage their blog – prepare the content calendar, come up with content ideas, create content, and publish it.
  • They wanted a customized SEO-aligned content strategy that would help them attract high-intent audiences and generate leads by ranking for the bottom of the funnel keywords.
  • To grow their organic traffic for the top and middle of the funnel keywords


Our customized content marketing strategy and content management service helped them build a consistently updated blog with over 24 long-form articles of 2000+ words and 1 pillar page (4000+ words) for the primary keyword in under 4 months. The efforts are already helping them generate organic leads.

  • A fully managed content management service.
  • A customized SEO-aligned content strategy that focused on the bottom of the funnel keywords, while creating content for top and middle funnel keywords.
  • A content strategy to push the product use cases, while addressing the common concerns of their targeted segment and generating organic leads.
  • 40 leads a month via a brand new website (people booking a demo), within 4 months of deploying the content strategy. The content we write is also used in the sales cadence.
  • 842 unique users in a month within the first 4 months of the brand new blog.
  • Active blog with use-case driven and keyword-focused content.
842 unique organic visitors and 40 demos booked in month one of a brand new SaaS website.

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