Our Simple, Battle-Tested, Result-Driven Packages

We’re a professional team, we know our job thoroughly, and we always get shit done. We’re the guys who will stay up late to get stuff done for you (although we never need to because we are super-efficient. We love what we do😉).

We obsess about quality to the point where our work doesn’t leave the door unless we’re sure it’s top-notch. We work with talented people who we believe must be treated well and compensated generously. Therefore, we charge what we charge.

4 Blog Posts


8 Blog Posts


The Awesome Sauce
(Custom Plan)

Whatever you need, ebooks, long-form articles, pillar pages, newsletters, or emails, we got it!

P.s. – Only content-related requests will be accepted. Thanks.



How long are the blog articles?

Each blog article is 900-1000 words.

Are the blog articles truly publish-ready? Also, what's included in the above pricing?

Yes, they are! Every article that leaves our dec is written by an expert writer and vetted by a professional editor. We also include one custom artwork for each article and 2-3 images. Do check our work samples.


What about the word count for email copies as well as e-books?

The email copies we write, their word count is typically 300-350 words each. These emails generally aim to promote the blog articles to your mailing list.

The e-book typically has 1200-1500 words. We take care of designing the e-book, too (the above prices are inclusive of that). Think of these e-books as your lead magnets – something you can use on your landing pages, as part of your paid campaigns, or to warm-up cold leads.


How many revisions do you allow?

We allow for two revisions.


So, what is the minimum contract term?

We don’t have a contract! When you sign up for a monthly plan, you’ll be billed monthly and can cancel anytime. Once you cancel your monthly subscription, you will not be charged any further.

What if I am unable to use the service for a month or use it for a lesser number of articles? Do I get a full or a partial refund? Can I carry forward the balance word count?
As we have a monthly subscription model, we won’t be able to refund the amount – either in full or in part; in the event that you do not use our services for that month.

Think of Springzo’s subscription model as that of Netflix’s. If you do not watch your favorite show or movie in a month, you would still be charged for that month. Unless you pause the subscription.

If you foresee a situation wherein you would be unable to use our services for a month, you can pause your subscription.

Also, the word count doesn’t get carried forward to the next month.