benefits of repurposing content

Increase the Life of Your Existing Content – The Key Benefits of Repurposing Content

We know how difficult it is to meet the demand for fresh content. As a brand, you must churn a continuous stream of value-added content your target audience would adore. It is easier said than done because quality content demands time, resources, and preparation. 

At this point, one may ask: can your existing corpus of content help you in this? You may have plenty of ever-green, helpful content pieces like blogs, video material, podcast episodes, and e-books that have already been published and partly forgotten. 

To push them into circulation and utilize these materials effectively, you need a powerful strategy to extend your life and, more importantly, the reach of your content. This is where the benefits of repurposing  content comes into action to help you maintain the relevance and impact of your work. 

In this blog post, we discuss the key benefits of repurposing content, its essential steps, and other relevant aspects related to the strategy.

Repurposing Content: A Game Changer in Content Marketing

There are around 1.13 billion websites, as recorded in 2023. The number is constantly growing with the addition of more websites. 

This means that there is a continual demand for fresh content. The fact holds true even though there is a large volume of existing content online. Such an abundance creates a challenging environment for content creators because if your content is not relevant, helpful, and eye-catching, it promptly loses the audience and the opportunity for conversion! 

Content repurposing can be a game changer in your content marketing strategy. It helps give your existing content a new lease of life across different channels. Repurposing allows you to adapt, redistribute, and repackage your content to engage new audiences. Not only that, you can also uniquely reinforce your core brand message and maintain your digital presence for a longer period.

Benefits of Repurposing Content

Now, let us focus on the importance and numerous benefits of repurposing content:

1. Reach More Audience

Repurposing content is beneficial in reaching individuals who may have skipped a piece of content by choice or chance. It provides them with a content piece better suited to their channel preferences, as they can consume it on any channel anytime. 

For instance, an individual who does not watch Instagram reels may scroll past your clip when it appears on the feed. However, a quote card from the same video clip would reach them instantly via Instagram stories. If you are lucky enough, it may even yield a fresh like! 

On the other hand, reusing content may annoy people who skip it by choice. It can also prompt them to unfollow your page. Hence, content repurposed with renewed value across multiple formats gives people more substantial reasons to follow you

2. Improved Organic Traffic

Gaining organic traffic is becoming difficult because there are many competitors and their content to digest. Every business deals with the respective peaks and valleys of their organic traffic that may perform well or get stalled. However, there are many ways to bolster your visibility. 

For example, repurposing content across multiple formats can maximize your reach significantly. It also increases your chance to rank for targeted search queries among other websites by using keyword-rich content. Such valuable content appeals to various audience segments and search intent.

3. Crash-Proof Guarantee

You must be ready if your content is restricted or hacked on any platform. You can become platform diverse with the help of content repurposing. It ensures that your entire digital footprint does not get erased from any single platform’s decision to ban or restrict you. Hence, you get cross-format flexibility by adopting the repurposing strategy

4. Free Up Your Schedules

Unfortunately for content marketers, the burden of content production does not ease with time. On the contrary, it tends to increase with the growth of the business.

To counter this, repurposing content can be your ally. This strategy easily frees up your schedule with content repurposing. It will further allow you to spend more time working with clients

Also, the best part is that you will find Industry-vetted experts who can leverage several specialized tools to create a week’s content in a few minutes. 

5. Precise and Concrete Content

Your content reflects your professionalism, impressiveness, and value. Individuals no longer expect brands and experts to have hundreds or thousands of followers. All they want is exemplary content. If people vibe with your message across different platforms, they will likely engage with it everywhere they see it.

Interestingly, the more they engage with your branded content, the more they will consume it across channels! This is what we call the aura of being everywhere. In this context, you can leverage the strategy of content repurposing to create a following of ‘super fans.’ 

6. Increasing the Attention Span of the Audiences

Content repurposing enables the creation of bite-sized pieces to be consumed across various media. It enhances the accessibility and adaptability of your material. As a result, you can cater to the prevalent consumption patterns of today’s audiences by breaking down extensive videos or articles into smaller and digestible segments.

This intuitive approach makes your content more viewer-friendly and increases its impact manifold.

7. Easily Shareable Content

You may have noticed that many tech platforms have changed their respective forms. For instance, Netflix has introduced the clip-format tab. Then comes X (formerly Twitter), which has incorporated social audio in its spaces. It helps them adapt to changing user preferences and make the platforms look appealing to the audience.  

So, you can repurpose your content to prepare for other kinds of products. What if you do not have plans for other platforms? Well, you can still use the strategy to make it shareable across other arenas for future purposes, such as websites, guest blogs, and other social media platforms. 

8. Higher Web Traffic

To reiterate, repurposing your content can be an excellent booster for your brand’s online reach. It also helps you become top-of-mind to the audience who engage with your content repeatedly. One significant outcome is that more individuals click on the links you post.

Hence, benefits of repurposing content also include higher web traffic to your respective sales page. As a result, more people buy from you! You also gain traffic from social channels and emails. Sharing your repurposed content with a mailing list in bite-sized useful content formats is also recommended. 

Moreover, you can gain direct traffic if the content is circulated by your audience, which covers multiple channels.

Bottom Line

Content repurposing emerges as the ultimate strategy to breathe life into your content in a world where attention spans keep dwindling. It enables you to reach new audiences and extend the longevity of your content messages. 

Hence, you create a content ecosystem with the help of repurposing that keeps your brand relevant, credible, and engaging in the eyes of your respective audience. The best part? You can repackage your content in various formats to distribute it strategically. 

So, start repurposing today to unlock the potential of your content today.

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1. Is content repurposing similar to duplicate content?

No, content repurposing and duplicate content are not the same. You never copy and paste the same material when you repurpose your content. Instead, you adapt and transform it into a different format. Whereas duplicate content refers to using the same content across web pages. Such practices often negatively impact SEO.

2. How do I choose the right format to repurpose my content?

It often depends on your target audience’s preferences when it comes to choosing the format for your respective content. For instance, if you are dealing with data-driven, detailed content, then your repurposing format should be an infographic. 

3. Does content repurposing work for every kind of content?

Yes, benefits of repurposing content works with all kinds of content. You can use it across platforms, such as blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. The best part is that you can share the same content across platforms with this particular strategy.