How to Repurpose Podcast Content for Maximum Impact: Turn Your Podcast into 20 Pieces of Viral Content


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Repurpose Podcast Content

We’re living in an era where there’s so much information out there it’s impossible to keep up. It’s not enough to just churn out new content nonstop. 

You’ve got to work smart if you want to stay relevant. For example, cutting down the resource-intensive process of content creation should be a top priority. 

Producing top-notch content is a taxing process. So when you have to deliver that regularly, it’s okay to ask: what can you do to accelerate the content production pipeline and be more effortless while adding more value? 

The answer is Content Repurposing.

Instead of constantly starting from scratch, the strategy of repurposing lets you breathe new life into your best content. Reformat, update and share it through different channels to reach new audiences. It’s a total game-changer for saving time while still feeling fresh.

In today’s blog post, we’re zeroing in on podcasts as a treasure trove of versatile content. We’ll delve into the benefits when you repurpose podcast content and share insights on how to morph your podcasts into viral posts.

Repurpose Podcast Content: An Outline

In contemporary times, it’s impossible to overlook one of the most prevalent forms of content: podcasts. While podcasts aren’t a new medium, their popularity has recently grown immensely.

The global community of podcast listeners now stands at approximately 464.7 million people, which accounts for roughly 22% of all internet users.

When it comes to recording and producing podcasts, it’s a labour-intensive process and challenging. It takes a good deal of effort to engage an audience, especially since many folks like to multitask while they’re listening.

Once you’ve created a podcast, don’t let it gather dust in some obscure corner of the internet. The hard work you’ve put into it can be a goldmine for creating various exciting content, and you can repurpose podcast content to give it new life.

Even if your podcast doesn’t initially hit it big, there’s no need to give up on it. You can still make it enjoyable by repurposing its content and giving it a fresh spin.

Why Should You Repurpose Podcast Content?

Repurpose Podcast Content

Repurposing podcast content you worked so hard on has a lot of marketing upside. For one, it helps you reach fresh ears who haven’t heard your podcast yet but would tune in if they found it in a blog post or video. 

Also, for those who don’t listen to podcasts, repurposing expands your potential audience. It reinforces your authority and expertise when people see your great info pop up in different places. They’ll be like, these folks know their stuff!

And, of course, repurposing saves you time and money compared to creating original content over and over. It’s super efficient to reuse what’s already performing well as a podcast. 

Discover more benefits of repurposing content here.

Here are some key reasons why you should repurpose podcast content:

1. Improved SEO and Rankings

Repurposing podcast content into written blog posts can unlock additional SEO value. Search engines index text content, so transforming audio episodes into articles allows more of your content to be crawled and ranked. When people search for topics you’ve covered in your podcast, you have a greater chance of repurposed articles appearing in the results and attracting new listeners.

2. Brand’s Awareness and Visibility 

Presenting repurposed content through different formats – such as social media posts, blog articles, and videos – increases touchpoints between listeners and the podcast brand. The consistent exposure builds trust and authority, prompting more people to engage with the full podcast episodes.

3. Quick Way to Promote Your Content on Other Channels

Repurposing podcast content is such an efficient way to cross-promote. When you adapt episodes into blog posts, videos, tweets – or whatever other format – it becomes super easy to blast that content far and wide. You can share those repurposed creations on all your social channels, embed them in email newsletters, and pitch them for collaborations with partners – the options are endless.

Now that we know why we should repurpose podcast content, let’s find out the exciting content format and pieces into which you can repurpose your podcast.

Repurpose Podcast Videos Into 20 Viral Pieces of Content 

You’ve laid the groundwork for your podcast content, and now it’s time for the exciting part: repackaging. As mentioned earlier, the possibilities to repurpose podcast content are endless. 

Let’s explore what you can create to make a viral post that connects with your audience.

1. Short-form Videos

 Pick catchy moments or bits from your podcast content that will engage the audience and turn them into short clippings that can be used across social media platforms.

Let’s say there is a well-delivered joke or quip from your podcast episode. Use that bit and create an Instagram reel or a TikTok video.

Short-form videos are the most effective format, according to 85% of marketers.

2. Blog Posts

Turn podcast transcripts into blog posts, which are often a key driver of organic traffic and an anchor of brand recognition. It makes the content more searchable and shareable as text. People who prefer reading over listening can enjoy the discussion this way. 

Identify key takeaways, insights, or lessons from your podcast episode and turn them into a blog post title and theme. For example, “10 Things We Learned from Our Guest.

3. Quote Graphics

 Transform memorable quotes from your podcast into eye-catching graphics for social media. Choose stand-out soundbites that resonate with your audience and design graphics highlighting the quotes.

 These shareable images work well on platforms like Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) 

4. Behind The Scenes

 Let your personality shine through. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses or preparation outtakes from your podcast. 

For example, you can use these bits for Stories on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram.

26% of marketers state that Stories are the most valuable type of social content.

5. Trivia and Fun Facts

Post surprising facts mentioned in your podcast as social posts. Pique curiosity with knowledge nuggets. For example, a did you know fact.

6. Interactive Quizzes

 Create a poll based on podcast topics and invite your audience to play along. Interactive content performs well when people share their reactions.

7. Infographics

Identify exciting data points from an episode and design a pop-up graphic. Use quotes or audio clips to liven it up. An infographic turns a podcast chat into snackable content for social sharing.

An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than an article. (SMA Marketing)

8. Carousels and PDFs

Consider consolidating key podcast takeaways into a handy list or guide. Turn a sprawling discussion into a tight summary that people can refer to or download as a guide.

9. Giveaway Contest

The contest activity should tie back to the podcast and require the listener to engage with the content in some way as part of their submission.

10. Meme Content

 Identify funny, quirky, or memorable quotes, anecdotes, or moments from the podcast episode that have viral meme potential. Turn them into memes using pop culture or evergreen imagery that captures the sentiment and enhances the humor.

11. How To Tutorials

Take a concept, lesson, or advice the podcast covers and expand it into an in-depth tutorial or guide. Repackage the audio discussion into a step-by-step guide.

12. Emails

Compile the main talking points or highlights from the podcast into a recap email to subscribers. Include links to the episode, show notes or a related blog post to drive traffic.

13. YouTube Videos

 Use the audio from the podcast and supplement it with imagery and visuals to create a YouTube version of the episode. Chop longer-form audio into multiple short videos as needed.

14. Ebooks/Guides

To repurpose your podcast content into a readable format, choose a set of in-depth insights covered in your podcast episode that could be expanded into a long-form guide. Transform the discussion into an ebook or guide by adding details, steps, examples, resources, etc.

15. Audiograms

Carefully select short excerpts from your podcast episode or combine different segments to create an audiogram with complementary visuals that enhance the sentiment. 

Discover some examples here.

16. Teaser Videos

 When creating a teaser video to promote your upcoming podcast episode, strategically choose a short segment from the episode that leaves listeners curious and wanting more. 

For example, excerpt a moment where the host asks the guest an interesting question but cut the clip before revealing the answer. 

17. Guest Blog Posts

Identify one or more topics covered during the podcast interview that your guest spoke extensively about. Ask them to take those insights as a starting point for crafting a detailed guest blog post.

18. Monthly Recaps

Each month, listen through all of your podcast episodes released over the past 30 days. As you listen, take notes on critical takeaways, exciting insights, or impactful quotes. Then, compile the top highlights from each episode into a script for a short monthly recap video.

19. Exclusive Premium Content

Reward your loyal podcast listeners by producing extra premium content just for them. You could record additional bonus episodes that go deeper into popular topics from your main show. You may also do exclusive interviews with VIP guests unavailable to the general public.

20. Animated Storyboards

Take an interesting story from your podcast and turn it into an animated video. Use drawings and text pop-ups to show the narrative playing out visually. Splice in original audio clips to match each part of the animation. This brings the podcast story to life in a vivid, engaging video format that can be widely shared online.

We were right about endless options, weren’t we? These are a few ways to repurpose podcast content for maximum impact. 

Bottom Line 

To Repurpose podcast content isn’t just a smart strategy but, in fact, a transformative approach to elevate your content marketing game to new heights. When you repurpose your podcast content, you’re essentially allowing it to shine in various formats that resonate with different audience segments. 

So, next time you create a podcast, don’t just hit the publish button and forget. Don’t let your valuable podcast content go underutilized. Repurpose podcast content creatively to make a lasting impact and create maximum mileage out of your podcast content. 

Springzo: Your All-Weather Guide to Content Repurposing Journey

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Q. Is it possible to repurpose podcast content I recorded several years ago, or do the episodes need to be more recent for effective repurposing?

A: Yes, you can repurpose podcast episodes recorded several years ago. The key is identifying evergreen content within them and updating them as needed to make them relevant to your current audience. Repurposing older content can still provide value and engage your audience effectively.

Q. Is it necessary to repurpose every podcast episode, or should I select specific episodes for repurposing?

A: You don’t have to repurpose every episode. Focus on episodes with valuable content that can benefit your audience even today. Prioritize quality over quantity.

Q: Can I repurpose my podcast content even if I’m just starting out and don’t have many episodes yet?

A:  Absolutely! Repurposing can begin at any stage of your podcasting journey. It can even help you gain more visibility as you grow your content library.