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6 Things to Know Before Launching Podcasts

2023 has witnessed a massive leap in the popularity of podcasts as the number of listeners has soared to 464.7 million, as Demand Sage estimates. This astounding rise in audience reflects the capability of this audio-based medium to communicate and engage with diverse audiences. 

Launching podcasts can be fun and satisfying, allowing you to directly and instantly share your ideas or communicate about your business with a broader audience and community. 

However, behind the curtain, it also requires a lot of hard work to prepare a successful podcast, as a lot of planning and excitement goes into it. Also, technical aspects that often significantly impact the success and growth of podcasting often go unnoticed.

In this article, we will talk about the six important things you should consider before launching podcasts. We didn’t just mention what you should know, but we also discussed the stuff that can make a big difference in deciding if you want to start a podcast. 

6 Must-Know Pointers Before Launching Podcast

Launching podcast can be an exciting venture, but it’s essential to be well-prepared to ensure its success. So here are the six key things to know before launching a podcast:

1. Is Podcasting the Best Way to Deliver Your Message?

Before you decide to make a podcast, think about if it’s the best way to share what you want to communicate. To figure this out, think about what your message is all about.

  • Understanding the Podcasting Ecosystem

Before starting your podcast, you must cover the trending and popular podcast tropes. Since-

There are over 2 million podcasts, offering a vast library of 48 million episodes

Explore the different kinds of podcasts and determine what you can do differently and where your podcast can perfectly fit in.

For example: If you want to create a podcast about eating healthy, it’s a good idea to check out what other podcasts on the same topic are doing. This can help you determine how your podcast can be different and who you want to listen to.

  • Define Your Podcast’s Objectives

Focus on setting clear goals, and consider why you want to start a podcast and what you want to achieve with it. This clarity will guide you in determining the purpose of your podcast, whether it’s for brand promotion, information sharing, or entertaining your audience.

For example: If you are a small business owner considering beginning a podcast to raise your brand’s visibility, your goal may be to increase brand recognition and communicate with your customers more personally.

2. Assess Your Available Resources

Before you jump into the exciting world of launching podcast, pause to think about the resources you have, like your time, budget, and technical skills. This will help you to make smart decisions while preparing for a successful podcasting journey.

  • Collaborating with a Full-Service Podcast Production Company

If you have enough budget and want to make things easier, you can work with a full-service podcast company. They can help you with your podcast in a holistic way – like creating, editing, and getting it out there for your audience. 

This way, you can concentrate on making your content awesome, and they handle the rest!

For example: Got a fantastic idea for a podcast but don’t have much time or tech know-how? In this case, joining a podcast production company is recommended. 

3. Understand the Required Podcast Equipment and Technology

Knowing the essential tools can make your journey much easier. Let’s explore some vital tools:

  • Key Equipment and Techniques for Podcasting

To create a good podcast, you’ll need essential tools like a branded, high-quality microphone to capture clear sound, headphones to aid in recording, and proper software to simplify editing.             

74%  of podcasters opt for headphones during the recording” 

Also, ensure minimal background noise by soundproofing the podcasting studio, learn how to adjust volumes, and introduce other media to bolster the discussion and optimize the overall experience. 

For example: To start your podcast, grab a good USB mic, comfy headphones, and free software like ‘Audacity.’ Find a quiet spot to record and use editing tools to make your podcast sound awesome. Give it a try!

4. Crafting Your Podcast’s Identity

Launching podcasts in only half the battle. Crafting your podcast’s identity is essential for a successful and engaging show, which often involves certain format and style choices, among other elements.

  • Experiment with Various Show Formats

While starting your podcast, try out different types of shows like solo shows, interviews, storytelling, and panel discussions. This will help you discover what you enjoy doing and what your listeners like before you dive in completely.

For example: If you are planning for launching podcast about cooking, try recording a solo episode where you talk about your best recipes and cooking tricks. After that, get in touch with expert chefs by interviewing them in your podcast. This way, you can evaluate what audience prefers by monitoring their feedbacks.

  • Discover Your Unique Style

Experiement multiple styles until you find what looks most suitable for you. Your podcast gets special when your unique style stands out from the competition. It could be how you tell stories, talk to people, or anything unique that can benefit and entertain your audience.

For example: As a fitness brand, experiment with different podcast formats like training programs, nutrition tips, and success stories. Find what connects best with your audience, and then stick with it.

5. Identify Your Audience and What They Are Interested In

Before you begin your podcast, you need to learn about your target audience and what they are interested in. Understanding their preferences and interests will help you in the long run. 

  • Audience Research and Engagement

To create a successful podcast, understand your audience’s preferences by exploring what topics resonate with them. Conducting this research enhances your podcast’s quality. 

“Nearly 60% of podcasters identify audience building as one of their foremost challenges.

Maintaining a strong connection with listeners is crucial for sustaining interest and encouraging return listeners. Consistently align your content with their interests and actively involve them in the podcast.

For example: If your podcast is for an adventure-focused business, delve into outdoor themes like hiking and camping. Invite listeners to share experiences or participate in Q&A sessions, cultivating an interactive bond that keeps them eager for future episodes.

6. Focus on Your Marketing Strategy

When you begin a podcast, remember that it’s important to promote it smartly. You can use social media, email newsletters, and sharing short previews to get people excited.

  • Create a Pre-Launch Strategy

Before you start your first podcast episode, plan ahead! Get people excited by creating buzz before the launch. Use social media platforms, email newsletters, and teaser content to make them curious.

For example: If you’re starting a podcast about eating healthy, you can give people a sneak peek at your upcoming episodes on social media. Work together with influencers to help spread the word about your podcast. Also, create a countdown on your website to build excitement!

  • Promote Your Episodes

When your podcast is all set and you’re ready to share it with the world, tell people about each new episode. You can also leverage social media, podcast directories, and your website. 

Don’t forget to talk to encourage your listeners to share your episodes with their networks.

For example: To promote your “healthy eating brand podcast” on Instagram and Facebook, make cool pictures using interesting bits from each episode. Work together with wellness blogs to share episodes and get more people to see them.

Ready to Grab the Mic?

Launching podcast is undoubtedly an exciting milestone! But before you jump in, it’s crucial to plan things carefully. Be dedicated, be unique, and provide value to your listeners. Think about the important stuff before you hit the record button. 

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Q: How do I assess the success of my podcast?

A: You can assess success through various metrics such as download numbers, listener engagement, and revenue. Set clear goals to track your podcast’s progress.

Q: Is it expensive to start a podcast?

A: Podcasting can be as inexpensive or expensive as you like. Basic equipment and free software can be used to get started, but more complicated configurations might cost more.

Q: What types of podcasts are most popular?

A: Interviews, educational material, narratives, and group discussions are typical formats. Pick the option that best fits your message and target audience.

Q: How long should podcast episodes be?

A: The ideal length can vary, but most successful podcasts are between 20 minutes and an hour. Keep it as long as needed for value and audience engagement.