Why 2024 Could Be The Year of Video Podcasting


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Did you know many content marketers are leveraging podcasts as a viable tool for growth? It can be the next thing for your brand as well. 

Currently, podcasts are undergoing a rapid surge after their tremendous evolution over the last decade. According to Statista,

The Music, Radio, and Podcasts sector in India is expected to expand at a 6.11% annual growth rate between 2023 and 2028, culminating in a market size of $2.314 billion by 2028. 

More creators have joined the space, producing quality content on diverse topics. The audience has also embraced audio and video streaming simultaneously as preferred mediums of entertainment and information. Many prefer this medium because video podcasting features storytelling features and informative content on the same platform. 

With technological advances, artificial intelligence is also playing a more significant role in the podcasting industry by enhancing various aspects of content production and delivery. This blog post deconstructs the future trends of video podcasting, focusing on how AI narration can improve the overall listening experience and its predictions for the industry by 2024.

The Importance of Video Podcasting

30% of the brain’s cortex includes neutrons that devote themselves specifically to visual processing. 

Hence, we can say that human beings are drawn to things that are visual. This is reflected in their interest in video podcasts. Now, let us delve into the major reasons that will convince all hesitant podcasters to try their hands at creating a video podcast. 

Boost Your Brand Presence

Social media platforms have undergone optimization for video in recent years. Bite-sized, short clips of any video podcast will increase your content’s reach and shareability on social media. Many entrepreneurs, startup founders, and investors are actively taking part in podcasts, sharing their take on a particular issue. These can be repurposed across your social media channels to drive brand awareness and for better engagement. 

Forge Deeper Connections

Celebrity, artist, and sportsperson fans relish glimpses of the real people behind their passions. A video podcast offers this intimate view, revealing facial expressions, gestures and showcasing genuine enthusiasm for discussed topics. These subtle, authentic details enhance the credibility of your video podcast and brand, fostering trust with a broader audience.

Engagement With Every Click

Video podcasts help the audience form a deeper connection with their respective host. They get to see the individual’s face and engage with that person’s personality. This is what generates a sense of community and makes more people want to engage with the excellent content. The most interesting part? 

A few viewers may also grab something random from the video and make it a trend eventually. For instance, a snippet of the video could end up being a viral meme, ultimately promoting the branded content.

Transform and Repurpose

Repurposing content would involve recording content once and reusing it on several channels with the help of video podcasting. You could post it on Instagram, X, or even LinkedIn, for example. Moreover, brands can repurpose the recordings and use them later in their respective email campaigns, too. 

What 2024 Brings for Video Podcasting

As per recent estimates, there are 464.7 million podcast listeners as of 2023. This accounts for around 22% of internet users. It means that video podcasts or vodcasts have gained popularity to a great extent because they appeal to various audiences. 

A Riverside report has revealed that 85.4% of companies have been recording videos for their podcasts. So, does it mean that 2024 could be the year of video podcasting?

Let’s find out!

So, here are the key predicted developments in the video podcast space that could influence viewers, listeners, and creators in 2024.

AI in Podcast Production

AI-driven content’s impact on podcast production extends beyond audience engagement. Several advanced AI tools like Runway, Peech, and Synthesia can streamline the episode-creation process by automating several tasks. Examples include transcription, editing, and even generating show notes. This allows podcasters to allocate more time and creative energy to crafting compelling content for each episode. 

InsideRadio suggests that the number of podcasts that use AI has grown by 500% in the last 12 months. 

Also, AI can improve overall engagement and viewer or listener happiness while reducing podcasting expenses by as much as 50%. 

As the adoption of AI continues to evolve, it offers new possibilities to podcasters for innovation and efficiency. This further opens up exciting avenues for the future of podcast production in 2024 and beyond.

AI in Podcasting

Several notable advances in AI for podcasts have already been made. This includes Anthropic’s Claude, an AI assistant capable of natural narration for any selected news content. 

Another tool is Anthropic’s GAPIPE, which trains generative AI models to narrate long-form stories in a personalized style. Hence, podcast creators will be able to harness AI narration in several ways as these tools garner more capabilities. 

AI Narration for Content Enhancement

Currently, more than half (52%) of business leaders use AI tools for their content marketing efforts. 

Looking ahead to 2023, nearly two-thirds (64.7%) of executives have a keen interest in using AI tools, like Visla, Opus Clip, and Fliki, to create content to support their marketing efforts. Simply put, AI content production technologies are becoming increasingly popular for improving content strategies.

Advertising Takes Center Stage

Podcast advertising is not only limited to traditional host-read ads in current times. Advertisers have started embracing programmatic advertising, dynamic ad insertion, and branded content. Such diversification allows more creative and customized advertising strategies.

Moreover, advertisers can gain deeper insights into their respective audience’s behavior as podcast platforms enhance their analytics capabilities. 

User Experience Optimization

Podcast apps, such as Spotify and Stitcher, have already leveraged several AI algorithms to provide users with all kinds of personalized podcast recommendations. These platforms curate content tailored to individual tastes while analyzing watching and listening history and preferences. This makes it easier for the audience to discover new shows they will love.

Wrapping Up!

LinkedIn acknowledges that AI will take podcasting to the next level in 2024. Indulging in video podcasting in 2024 is akin to unlocking a hidden treasure that turbocharges your business. 

This surge in video podcast popularity, coupled with the growth of AI in content creation, narrations, and production, signals a transformative era for the industry. Hence, the landscape is ripe for innovation as advertising diversifies and user experience optimization becomes important.

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